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FS Medical Technology (FSMT) offers a wide variety of construction and special projects services to fit your needs. The range of available services runs the gamut from verifications to Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM) planning to pre-construction inspections, specification reviews, and design planning to coordinating installations and sizing surveys.

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Construction Services


Construction Services Include:

  • Pre-construction consulting
  • Specification review
  • Installation and design training
  • Project management
  • Verifications
  • Back feed equipment and installation
  • Major equipment repairs
  • Pipeline tracing and CAD
  • ILSM preparation


Before being placed into service, as well as following a breach in the medical gas pipeline, medical gas and vacuum systems must be inspected to ensure safe and proper operation. FSMT performs medical gas verification studies to document, evaluate, and prepare recommendations to ensure that health care facilities are compliant with the National Fire Protection Association’s guidelines on medical gas and vacuum systems, as outlined in their publication NFPA 99: Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems.

Preparation for pipeline breaches includes preparation of ILSM documentation detailing patient safety risk management. Often, supplemental gas supplies are required by back feed or temporary rental equipment. Coordination with plumbing, electrical, and other trades is required.

FSMT technicians are certified to ASSE 6030 standards and are recognized as Credentialed Medical Gas Verifiers (CMGV) by Medical Gas Professional Healthcare Organization (MGPHO).

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