Included in each Med Gas Safe TM report is a quotation summarizing required repairs.  Facility engineers use this information to determine which repairs may be done by in-house staff and those items which require outside support.


FSMT technicians are factory trained to troubleshoot and repair mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and electronic components on complex equipment such as vacuum pumps, air compressors, source gas manifolds and alarm systems.  In addition, our staff can perform complete system shutdowns and back feeds.


All current medical gas equipment lines including: Allied Chemetron, Amico, Ohio Medical can be serviced by FSMT technicians.  Parts may be available for legacy manufacturer items including Ohio, NGC, Ohmeda, Medaes and Hill-Rom.


Alarm panel installation and conversion services are available to upgrade and convert area and master alarm installations.  Since many manufacturers have discontinued their older alarms, spare parts to fix these aging systems are a rare commodity.  By retro-fitting, a facility can replace the existing alarm often without cutting the pipeline and breaking into the existing wall.  FSMT technicians are veterans of alarm panel conversion projects and can coordinate electrical and plumbing work if required.


FSMT senior installation project managers are available to meet with facility staff and determine scope of project.   We are also able to work with qualified mechanical engineers experienced in medical gas design.  FSMT can arrange for permits and general contractor services.  Our field supervision of medical gas installations by contractors aids in assuring NFPA requirement compliance.


Following completion of repairs, annual reports are automatically updated with new pages documenting corrective action date, technician and action taken.  These repair pages are color coded to allow inspectors to quickly scan documents for corrective action follow through.




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