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FSMT is pleased to represent BeaconMedaes as a manufacturer representative for medical gas products.  Our sales area includes both northern California and Nevada. BeaconMedaes’ complete line of pipeline products includes outlets, shutoff valves, alarms, manifolds, vacuum pumps and compressors and distribution products.  BeaconMedaes is the world’s largest medical gas equipment manufacturer.


As a manufacturer representative, FSMT coordinates new design, remodel, upgrade and replacement projects with designers, engineers, contractors and facility owners. New BeaconMedaes technologies include energy efficient variable speed drive (VSD) medical/surgical vacuum and WAGD systems.  This new technology provides more flow for a given kW with low, specific-energy consumption, resulting in the most efficient pump in its size range. Building management system (BMS) communication is provided via CAT-5 cable options using common equipment languages.


















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